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Minimally Invasive Techniques

Technology Is Trending Toward Minimally Invasive Techniques

Minimally invasive techniques have revolutionized the methods of surgical procedures.  It has been a growing trend over the past 20 years and has been praised in the medical community for its many postoperative benefits.

A minimally invasive technique is defined by its ability to cause less internal damage to structures during surgery. Minimally invasive procedures lead the way as the standard of surgical procedures and continue to grow with technological advancements.

Benefits Of Minimally Invasive Techniques

There are many benefits to be gained with minimally invasive techniques.

Less trauma is experienced by the patient during operation in comparison to a normal invasive procedure. Hospitalization time is shorter than normal when undergoing minimally invasive procedures.  Pain is minimized during and after surgery with less scars being produced as a result of surgery.

Trinity Orthopedics offers spinal fusion surgery, which takes advantage of minimally invasive techniques. Our expert team of orthopedic surgeons use the newest technology to ensure that your operation is fully effective and guarantee a fast recovery.

How Are Minimally Invasive Techniques Performed?


Minimally invasive techniques are procedures that are less intruding than normal surgical methods. A minimally invasive procedure commonly uses arthroscopic or laparoscopic devices. Often times these devices are remote-controlled with indirect observation of the surgical site through a display screen.

An example of such a device would be a bone scalpel. This device vibrates at 600,000 hertz, and does not harm soft tissue. The bone scalpel protects important structures, while chipping away at bone to expose damaged nerves.

Cholecystectomy and heart surgery operations are some examples of physicians using minimally invasive techniques. Technology plays a large part in minimally invasive procedures and continues to grow as advancements are improved upon. The more technology improves means the better ability to perform safer surgical procedures with less structural damage and better recovery times.

Minimally Invasive Techniques Are The Future

As technology continues to grow, so too does the methods we use in the medical field. Ensuring the patient’s surgical needs are met and a full recovery will always be the top priority among physicians. Our industry continues to grow to ensure patient well being and minimally invasive techniques will lead the way.


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